Premium Shares

We are super excited about the new box customizing service we are offering for 2013. Please carefully read the description below and imagine how the program might benefit you.

Angelic Organics will Customize Your Box: the 20-week Premium Share and Premium Half Share

Many shareholders have told us that they like our vegetables, but they just don’t have a palate for some of the vegetables that we provide. So, Angelic Organics is inaugurating a Premium CSA Share program. The Premium CSA Share will allow you to choose from available items each week, giving you more control and flexibility with your share. With the Premium Share, your CSA share will be more suited to your personal preferences.

In order for us to be sure you receive the correct box, this offer will only be available to those who sign up for home delivery through Fresh Picks or who pick up at the farm.

Here’s How it Works

Each week we’ll email you a list of the produce we expect to harvest. You’ll have approximately 48 hours to place an order for the items you prefer. Your order will make up a box comparable in value to the regular CSA box, but now it will be what you decide you want in the box. (You can even place orders beyond the value of the standard CSA box; your account will be debited accordingly.) On your regular delivery day, the vegetables of your choice will be delivered to your door, if you have home delivery, or will be available at the farm, if you pick up at the farm. If you miss placing an order, we will provide you with a box of our normal share.

The pilot program is only available now to those who choose home delivery or farm pickup. (It is also available for your 4 box extended season share, if you elect the Premium program for the 20-week share.) If you are hesitant about signing up for a regular share because you feel you might waste the vegetables that you just don’t care for, here’s a chance to get involved at a level that suits you, while still receiving local, seasonal, organic vegetables straight from your farm.

An Example:

The list of available produce for the week might include; tomatoes, potatoes, onions, arugula, head lettuce, eggplant, bell peppers, turnips, and dill.

You will choose the items you prefer to be included in your box and simply ignore those you don’t want. For members who don’t like arugula and turnips, you would simply NOT SELECT these items on your order. If you love potatoes and dill, choose more of those to indicate that you prefer to substitute the unwanted items with potatoes and dill. We’ll pack your box with extra volume of the items you want, and omit the ones you ignored, giving you more control over your CSA share so it better suits your family’s preferences!

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