Open House/Hospitality Survey Question #9

9. Please use this space if you have other comments about farm visits and hospitality:

~Am super interested just find my schedule limited due to other commitments in Chicago proper- when I tell  those already in the know about CSA’s that mine is from Angelic the response is always positive.  When I try to explain to a novice about what ya’ll do I find it challenging.   I think updating your website to make it super user friendly for those totally unfamiliar with the concept of what you do would be awesome.  Maybe you already have and I haven’t looked since June… But that’s my two cents.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO!!! My stomach, heart and every fiber of my being thanks you.
~I feel like I never hear about the u-pick opportunities–is that a regular thing?
~I like the idea of Chicago=based programs if that’s ever possible, or to have them in various suburbs like Evanston.
~Thanks for all your hard work and the delicious veggies!
~I live close by so I wouldn’t have need to stay over.
~i think its great to get people connected to the farm and i hope that you continue this sort of outreach.
~It’s a long drive and I don’t own a car.
~It would be nice if there was a way of coordinating carpools for the farm events. Then again we probably still wouldn’t come since we have four kids.
~I came for a cheese making class. That was great.    I’d love to see a Dyed-In-The-Wool class where we learn how to use natural dye sources to dye wool.
~Maybe an occasional event where farm folks come to distribution areas? Not sure if it’s possible.
~We just started visiting the farm this year (one open house), and will definitely be coming more in future years, probably incorporating it into our homeschooling next spring and summer.
~We love your produce.  It is what it is.  We have a limited amount of time.  We want to continue to be shareholders but cannot take part in the other opportunities you offer.
~If we lived closer to the farm (within 1/2 hour) we probably would have visited already. Also, maybe more things earlier in the season — July or August — when we have a little more time/flexibility.
~My kids have visited the farm through the Chicago Waldorf School – but I need to get out there too.
~The farm is a joy & we feel privilaged to be part of it. We love it so.
~One of the things that has happened to us is that our schedule also fills very quickly and sometimes that weekend is already filled by the time you announce the date.  Announcing earlier would be helpful.
~Great vegetables!  Thank you for all your hard work!
~I go camping alot in WI. I have stopped by local farms to pick up fresh eggs and really would love to come to Angelic but alot of the programs on your calendar of events are pretty specific skills-training and i’m interested in more of a camping / meal / learn / chore / retreat / community building event.  I don’t have any kids.
~how late in the season does the Hospitality Program run? Heck, I’d like to do a visit this fall if there are slots?
~would love more kids activities, letting them harvest something or maybe milk a goat or something. thanks!
~Really hoping to visit soon — we especially want to get our little boy out to see where our wonderful produce comes from! ~Overnighting would be a really fun opportunity; we’re not quite ready for camping.
~We’d love to stay for an overnight, but the cost is too prohibitive.
~Love the farm! Love your vegetables! Keep up the good work! I know you have a few classes (such as keeping chickens) in Chicago. It might be nice to have more. I’d attend more classes if we didn’t have to drive so far.
~I’ve always felt a welcoming attitude from the farm.  It’s not anything you are doing wrong.  Just distance & time constraints…and, life in 2000+++
~the overnight space is a great and grand plan.  Go ahead even if people don’t respond positively.  It will get used and you know it!
~we visited the farm to pick up seedlings — so wonderful that you offered this. we are fortunate in that our in-laws live on a farm in woodstock, IL…so our 3 kids have grown up picking veggies, swinging in the barn, etc.  Every kid should have this opportunity!
~I do love picking my vegetables up at the farm and visiting the u-pick garden.
~Provide opportunity for children to work the farm so they can better understand the labor that goes into a harvest.
~We’ve had an amazing summer of vegetables. Thank you for all of the hard work and care that you put into making this a possibility for those without yards or a green thumb!
~I remember being invited to a benefit dinner earlier this summer that I wanted to support and attend but there were no vegan options at all. Normally this would be, well normal, but I found it surprising coming from an organic biodynamic farm. I wasn’t offended by any means, just thought I would let you know. :)
~You all do SO much for us in so many creative ways. I sincerely appreciate the heart you put in everything and hope you know that even if I don’t get out there- I think you are the greatest. I came out to pick up seedlings this year and had an awesome garden. Thank you! I will for sure be signing up for my box again, and now am learning to can! (Is putting food up a topic you can teach?)
~The travel time is a deterrent also (i’m in Chicago) – not much you can do about that!
~I do hope to visit in the 2012 season, thank you for providing the wonderful produce and your offer of hospitality.
Keep up the great outreach!
~Angelic Organics continues to do a marvelous job of providing great vegetables and fruits in a relatively convenient way for us city dwellers!  The effort to get out to the farm is more than we can manage happily.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication, season after season!
~I remember the old days fondly.  One could work and help out and participate without all these organized events.  These don’t feel like a true partnership but tourist events.
~I grew up on a farm so am pretty familiar with how farms work.  Of course, I want my children to have the same experience so really would love for them to visit and/or work a farm, even just a little bit!
~My grandson is very young.  He enjoys the open house. Once he grows enough to be able to participate I think it would be nice to bring him to the farm and let him learn first hand how a farm works.  I hope you keep on inviting people that long.
~Thank you for all that you do! I love connecting with the farm and would like to do this more often.
~When my daughter is older I’d love to bring her to family events and camping.
~The primary reason why we have not visited the farm is because we do not own a car. A secondary reason is that our summers are usually very busy.
~I love the CSA and that you are trying to make us more connected to it! Thanks!
~Love the optional delivery service – friendly and prompt. They don’t take back the wax boxes, though, so we’ve got a bunch in the garage.
~I have been by twice. You have a wonderful place and my family and I ENJOY your hard work at each meal.  I would come by to hand pick beans and other labor intense veggies
~Love the video, love the vegetables, love the cookbook, love the website, keep up the good work.  Sorry haven’t visited.
~I would have loved to get some of the extra tomatoes and seedlings this past season but, the drive is 90 minutes one way. ~It would be helpful to offer extra tomatoes and seedlings to be delivered with the share holder’s box at their pick up site! Thank you!
~As someone who cares about the earth, I can’t help but question the ethics of inviting hundreds of cars to drive from the Chicago area to your farm for visits of various sorts, including to pick our own veggies, collect starter plants in spring, and pick up tomatoes for canning, as well as for large group events.
~Would like to find opportunities to get more connected with the farm (weekends only), particularly to get my teenage daughter interested. I have seen the local harvest informational emails but have had schedule conflicts for the events I’m interested in.
~I look forward to visiting in a few years when my child is old enough to enjoy it.
~In my fantasy land we could also ride horses at the farm…
~I did a cheese making workshop and loved it. Now that my kids are bigger I hope to get out to the farm with them more often. The distance from Chicago is one barrier.
~The events are geared more toward families and people who live farther away (all day events), which I think is great and caters to probably the largest demographic of shareholders, which is most important.  For me personally, as a 26 year old with no kids who lives in the area the events just aren’t of that much interest to me at this time in my life.  I am completely happy just picking my box up at the farm and visiting the U-pick garden.
~Enjoyed the gardening classes this spring/summer. Suggestion to have a cooking class with kale or other vegetable from the farm.  I did not know what to do with my kale that I planted from the free plants as I had never seen kale before. I tried recipes from the cookbook and they were great. The recipe I used the most because it was so easy is and taste great is olive oil in skillet, cook the kale,and add dash of sea salt.  I needed very quick and easy recipes.  It is best when you mix the green and purple kale together. I love getting the weekly box of fruits and vegetables!
~We’d love to visit more – this year we just had a conflict on both dates.
~The trip is long for me and I have had too many health and home problems to make it a priority.  If things improve, maybe I will have the energy to organize  someone drive with me.  Thanks for all the good work that you do.  The veggies are wonderful, and your stories are very inspiring.  Saw the movie several times.  I would need to organize this in advance
I like the idea of dinners that are local (to me).  I don’t know how much they cost, and I can’t fidn the price on the website.  I also HATE the traffic going out by Rockford.  It is very off-putting.  I think my daughter, who is a WWOOFER, will come out next year.  She loves vegetables, farms, and animals.
~RE# 8 – especially if combined with activities for children ages 7 to 12.  Also need handicap accessibility – no stairs
~I plan to visit every year, but fail to do so. Motivate me?
~thanks! Keep up the good work!
~I would love to stay overnight but am not one for camping.  If it was a cabin-type with running water I would definitely participate.    I would love more frequent Open Houses too.      Also, is it possible to organize school field trips to the farm?
Cant wait to visit!
~There’s probably a host of information that’s in the emails that I end up skipping. I just have way too many emails to go through a day so that if I can’t get the general info out of an email in 5 seconds I will usually delete it. Consider me impatient, but I believe that most of your customers also face similar issue. Too much information too little time. I think it’ll be immensely helpful and profitable if you were to allow a designer with good information hierarchy skills take a look at your systems of communication and formulate a better way to effectively get your message out. Maybe I’m saying this because I am a designer … but I think it’ll really help.    For example: It’d be great for shareholders if the first thing they went to on your homepage was an illustrated list of the vegetables they’re going to get in this week’s box and it’s a perfect teaser for those potential shareholders who don’t know what they’re missing. Less words and more images! And definitely use social media! Angel Organic twitter/four square pings when their vegetable share has arrived on saturdays? A cheap Ipad App that will help shareholders identify vegetables and find recipes from the book?
~Hope to visit soon!
~I have enjoyed the u-pick garden and especially the generous gifts of seedlings in the spring.  It was so fun growing new plants in my garden at home and knowing that the varieties had been selected by expers.  I was not disappointed.  It was great to try new vegetables in my garden “risk free”.
~I would like to visit the farm if some extra new vegetables little plants (pepper, tomatoes, herbs, etc) will be available to plant at my backyard.
~More things like the music night in the corn crib! Music, food movies. Maybe a bonfire  night!
~I have been happy with the quality of the vegetable.   Would love more arugula.
~The biggest issue is that our son is allergic to dairy and eggs, which means cheese making days are out, cornbread day would be wonderful but he can’t eat it, and animal day is so-so w/ the milking, soap making won’t work, and raising chickens is not so interesting.  Those are all really neat sounding events, they just don’t work well for us.  As I write this, I’m realizing that you don’t (on the calendar anyway) have just regular farm tours.  I would love to just see the farm and fields and how it all comes together.  I think my kids would like this too – and no eggs and milk are needed :-)     As for overnight, I’d love to come camping.  It’s just that the dates haven’t worked out for us yet.
~We have visited the farm probably 1/2 dozen times, and always love it!  We also stayed at Kinnikinnick Farm this past summer, and had a blast!
~I like to visit the farm, the fields, pick up eggs at the Learning Center, and just feel I “belong.”  Organized activities are less important to me. Busy life and this is one area where I can be spontaneous.
~I am a new shareholder and am just learning about what you offer
~To give you a good reply, I would need to be looking at the current offerings.  That said,  We have enjoyed the 4-5 of times we have come out and participated in the open house and the night of the comet when the astronomer from the Adler Planetarium came with his telescope (this was of great interest).  We enjoyed coming out for pumpkins and squash and tomatoes…though it is a 2 hour event getting there, so it needs to be a worthy trip to come.  As a relatively new vegetarian (one year) -no dairy – few eggs/fish -no sugar, your produce has become more valuable to us as time has gone along. (especially the kale) Taking advantage of offerings has become more difficult over the years too with the new website (it is harder to use than before) and the online newsletter I usually miss since i do not use this email address as much as my husband does, thus i feel less in touch with what is going on… thus unless i by chance catch either an email or newsletter (my hubby does not announce what is going on), I am usually in the dark.  I would love to learn more about how you prepare the soil, since I know this is a very important part of  great healthy veggies.  I would like to know more about how to plant and raise kale, garlic, tomatoes, basil, herbs, and peppers, since you cannot supply enough for me to eat for a week.  This would be really helpful.  I am not aware if you have talked extensively about the method you use ie:  Rudolf Steiner…   I cannot use goat products or honey any longer, thus these are less valueable to me.
Sadly we had to leave after the presentation about the 70, due to commitments in the city that evening.  I would love to be able to visit the woods, and camp up there some time.  We loved our visit and were really impressed with everything we saw.  My mom grew up on a farm, I spent my summers there growing up.  I had just visited my family farm for the first time in years (all the way in Canada) a couple of weeks before the open house.  I loved it when Farmer John said “Everyone need to have a farm of their own to visit”.  It struck a cord with me, because I had realized how much I missed visiting the farm a few weeks earlier.  Thank you Farmer John.
~Just again to say that I wish I had time to participate more fully and I love your fresh vegetables.
~I went to a stargazing event one year that I loved.  I always wanted to participate in a camping overnight at the farm, but then you started charging for it and the cost is out of our budget.
~I have been interested in some of your classes too- they haven’t worked for me timewise this year- but if offered again next year I really hope to attend- especially the one about cheesemaking!
~We always love coming out to the farm.  I wish we lived closer.
~Please keep the Upick info up to date on the website.  As of today (September 23rd) it lists what’s available in August. Since the Upick dates and times are more flexible than the programs, open houses, etc., it would be easier to make it out there but I don’t know what, if anything, is available to pick at this time. Thanks for your hard work and for providing me with great vegetables. I hate buying vegetables from the grocery store.

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