Open House/Hospitality Survey Question #4

4. The Shareholder Hospitality Program is a free hosting event available to current shareholders by reservation. The one-day event consists of a group of 8 to 20 shareholders hosted by a farm crew member and includes a guided farm tour, 2 meals with members of the crew, and the option to work with the crew in the afternoon. If you haven’t participated in this opportunity, please let us know why.

~It was already full by the time I found out about it.
~I just didn’t have the time.  I think it’s a great idea and I hope to participate if you do it again next year
~Can’t do weekdays, the weekend days filled up too quickly.
~can only come to the farm on a sunday
~timing not quite right yet
~Limitations of time and transportation for the drive to the farm.
~Interested but difficult to schedule with our 3 children ages 4 and 6.
~See end comment, please.
~Not really interested in planned group events as they feel fake.  If we are really partners in the farm we should be able to have a more genuine experience.  A better way is to have a list of open work slots (say on a Google doc) and let people sign up for times and jobs that appeal to them.
~No car
~Husband has the car on the weekend, and it’s a bit too far for us to travel out there from our place.
~I have 2 little kids,4 yo twins.  Don’t know how I could do it with kids in tow….
~Hate driving or even being in a car on the highway, unless it is totally unavoidable!  If I could beam myself there I would attend. :-)
~Didn’t know about it.
~We have had a very busy summer and were unable to commit early on; by the time we could commit, all the slots we could have brought our children to were full.  More times when kids are welcome, please!
~I was unaware of this program.
~one day when life slows down will attend
~Busy life & live a distance from the farm.  Otherwise, I’d love to attend.
~Cannot attend during the week, and two small children would have a very long day travelling to and from the farm on a weekend day.
~The farm is a long way away from where I live.  My schedule is pretty full already.  One open house a year is the right ~amount for me to visit the farm.
~I wasn’t really aware of it, but at this time I am not really that interested due to my own personal obligations.  Also, I pick my box up at the farm, if I didn’t I would probably be more inclined to attend this.
~I am a returning shareholder and have not been following the newsletter.  I am not plugged in yet
~Was not aware of this program or I would have attended.
~Absolutely loved our day in June! Would do again.
~The opportunity sounds great. I’d love to participate with my housemates who are sharing the share with me, but we’re all college students and have just been too busy.
~lack of time, distance
~lack of time on my part
~It was booked by the time I found out about it.
~the family ones were all full
~Distance to the farm
~Didn’t know about it
~I have not have a chance to do this this year.  Hoping to participate in coming year .next year
~I havent had a chance or the time but would love to make it to one of them.
~I don’t recall hearing about this. If it was on a weekend I would be interested.
~The location of the farm is such that there is pretty much nothing that can be done to attract those who don’t want to drive long distances and/or stay overnight.
~I haved tried to to come to the farm two times this year, unfortunately weatrher disrupted these plans,  Rain, and more rain
~no available dates on a weekend so I could bring my grandchildren.Also – I work during the week and cannot take the time off.
~I would like to, just haven’t had time.
~Busy busy busy, regret not having come, still want to get there
~I wasn’t aware of this.  It seems like it is a great opportunity to experience the farm.  Maybe a shorter time frame would be more desirable for us.
~scheduling issues
~didn’t know about it, but would love to attend one of the tour days
~I didn’t know about this program and would love to participate.  Can children participate, and if so, what minimum age do you recommend?
~Same reason as above, also I’ve been busy at work and have limited vacation time.
~I think this is a great idea, but all of the Saturdays booked up quickly. A Tuesday is a possibility for my work schedule but ~I would have to leave my house around 6AM to get there by 9AM given traffic. A train or shuttle from nearby train station might be helpful. Not sure if a train goes anywhere near the farm though.
~sounds wonderful!!!
~Too Busy. Too far away.
I~ would love to do this but wasn’t able to this year because I was working.
~Oh, yeah I know what this is, it was full when I tried – if I recall correctly, it filled very quickly.
~Didn’t know about it.  Farm a long distance from home.
~It sounds wonderful and we’ll try and attend one.
~Again, just too busy.
~Never knew about it
~Didn’t know about it, limited schedule
~I don’t have a car, and while I love your organic produce, I’m not particularly interested in visiting farms. I’m a city person through and through!
~the farm is too far away from where i live
~Didn’t know about it
~Couldn’t make the date.
~No time
~did not know about it
~i didn’t know about it.
~Never knew about it! Sounds great though.
~Very busy….
~Didn’t know about them.
~I didn’t know about it.
~This sounds great! I’ll definitely talk to the other shareholders about making a day of it!
~Like I said, I work three jobs and seven days a week.  I’d gladly come out to the farm if I had a weekend.
~We have a child who is under 5 and this makes a full day at the farm difficult.  A program lasting from early morning to ~noon would be perfect for a family like ours.  (We have to account for an afternoon nap.)
~This would require more time than I have to give.
~I tried to make a reservation for one of the Saturday dates this year, and it was full. We live in Chicago and are unable to come out except for on weekends.
~Would need to be able to bring my son (age 7).  I think there were family days but they filled up quickly if my memory serves me correctly.
~too busy
~You are not nearby…it’d be an all day event and I have little kids.
~It might be a longish day for the kids. Also: trouble signing up for the programs.
wasn’t aware of it
~I did not know about it.
~Didn’t quite understand how it works   Busy schedules in the summer.
~I didn’t know about it
~I went to one, on a Sat with April (kitchen cook) and enjoyed it.  I can’t attend the one with the crew and working in the afternoon because I have preschool children.  I would love to help though.  :)
~Hard to do with a toddler. Don’t know much about this – can’t recall if I got emails about it or not.
~Is there a cost?
~I didn’t know about it.  Also we are very busy.  But then that is part of why we buy your vegetables!  This way, the vegetables “just appear” and we don’t have to shop.
~No time in my schedule.
~I would love to, but I’m having a hard time coordinating my schedule
~Distance from my home to the farm
~did not know about it
`I wasn’t aware of it but I had family things going on this growing season.
~I did not know this existed.
~Wow!! Didn’t know about it!
~Did not know about it.
~I didn’t know about this, somehow!
~Our special needs youngest child would not do well in that environment.  We would need to arrange childcare and we just haven’t done it.
~I don’t remember hearing about this. Maybe it was in an email in which case it would be my fault not yours :)
~Lots of travel left little time to make the long drive.  Gone 2/3rds of summer.
~time constraints and distance
~Not interested.
~This sounds like great fun!!!  Unfortunately, I don’t know any other shareholders personally, and so I’m not in a position to organize a car pool trip of friends.  Maybe next year…
~I have never participated, but my son and his woman-friend have, and had a great day.  I didn’t know about these events.  ~I am older and am somewhat limited in energy to drive myself.  Maybe I will join my son in the future. (I once attended an open house and loved it but have not been able to organize going again because my husband and family are always so busy on the weekend
~I’m new to joining Angelic Organics and would love to be more involved, but life has been busy with a new baby.  I hope next season to visit the farm and try some of the programs you offer.
~I think the one I was aware of was on a weekend where I had another commitment.
~I must have missed info about it.  In the future I’d be interested, depending on how it fits into our schedule
~did not know about it – I’d be interested in the future
~Didn’t know about it.
~no good reason.  But I know they weren’t geared towards kids so with 3 kids (6,5 and 10 months old) I never put much thought into it.  I have been up to farm for open houses and did a class through the learning center with my kids….but now that I read about this again, I feel like we should have taken advantage of this. Sounds great.
~My kids are under 14 and the days available for young families filled up too quickly.
~Balancing personal commitments (2 1/2 year old) and a full-time job have made it challenging to find the time to drive to/from the farm and downtown Chicago.  However, I look forward to bringing my daughter to Open House next year as I think she will be old enough.
~I wasn’t aware of it.
~Don’t want to farm.  Ow.
~This summer has been pretty busy, and we haven’t been able to come at the times the program was offered
~Didn’t know a thing about it. This is awesome, I would LOVE to do this (vs. the open house)
~I haven’t heard about it.
~I’d like to bring my 5-year-old, but we needed a family-friendly weekend date. They either filled quickly or were on weekdays — can’t actually remember — but there were no dates we could make.
~Sounds like loads of fun, but my youngest child is young enough that an all-day event might be too much to handle.
~We didn’t know about it
~Too busy I work Saturdays as well as during the week
~We’ve had a busy schedule this year. Still interested.
~far away, work full time
~i wasnt aware of it
~didn’t know, and scheduling may be difficult (though it sounds great!)
~didn’t know about it
~Basically, my health has kept me from taking advantage of this opportunity.  Cancer and old age/balance/strength have taken the elasticity out of my life, which is one reason we appreciate the organic produce you provide!  Walking has been an issue.  As i recuperate, perhaps I will get strong enough before my years get the best of me.

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