Open House/Hospitality Survey Results

During the months of September and October, 2011, we invited current shareholders to give their feedback on our annual Open House events at the farm. Out of over 1,500 shareholders invited to comment, we thank the 175 that took two minutes to complete the following 9 questions. Here are their responses. We will contemplate the feedback and incorporate the best-suited suggestions into our 2012 season at the farm. Thank you again!

1. How often do you attend an Angelic Organics Open House?

6.9%    Every year
20.8%   Every few years
72.3%   I’ve never attended

2. What suggestions do you have to make the Open House more appealing to shareholders?

80 people answered this question; selected responses are shown below.

  • A way that shareholders can meet and visit with others that use the same pick-up site.
  • None, really.  I would love to come but I just have too many deadlines.
  • it sounds super fun and I always want to go, but I work on the weekends :(
  • keep activities moving for the kids. not too much waiting around for things. perhaps some organized games for kids.
  • Maybe a chance to camp out the night before would have lured me up there sooner.
  • Musical entertainment
  • Organize transportation from the Chicago area or help us organize share rides or arrange group pick-ups from the closest train station to the farm.  Some of us are very aware of our carbon footprints.
  • Keep to the schedule. The last two years we have waited for a long time to start the hay ride. The ride ended up starting so late that our young children were too tired and hungry to enjoy it. I suggest the hay ride start at 11 or 11:30 and be followed immediately by lunch.
  • There was a puppet parade one year that was fantastic – bring that back!  Hands-on activities – for kids and adults.  Kids love the interaction with the animals.  Games – potato sack races?  Play area with natural items where kids can pretend to be farmers.  Worm bin for kids to touch worms gently.  Raffle to benefit the learning center with prizes being worm castings, honey etc.  Changing it a bit each year.  Games identifying vegetables and/or farm equipment/tools
  • We have attended for 3 years now and have loved it each time.  The tractor hayrides are the best part.  Lunch is also the best part.  Visiting the animals is the best part too.  I’m sorry we didn’t have time to stay for the tour of the woods and the music.  I’m sure that was the best part for those who were able to stay.  Thanks for everything.
  • I think it’s under-promoted (which I understand, because it comes at a crazy time for y’all). In fact, we missed this year (for the first time in a while) because I kept trying to find the date and couldn’t until the announcement came a week in advance.
  • Have a bus shuttle from Chicago.
  • I love it but it’s far so I have not gone for a number of years.
  • We usually come every year but this year we couldn’t make it.  We have loved it every time we have come.  My son would like to have more access to the equipment.  I know safety is an issue, but perhaps there could be a little tour/talk about the different pieces of farm machinery.
  • The farm is so far away from the city and not all shareholders have transportation to the farm. It would be great if for future day-long events you could facilitate a carpool from a central location in the city. Shareholders don’t have a forum for communication with one another, only with you at the farm, so if you could suggest the organization of group travel this would make it possible for those of us without cars to visit.
  • If possible, giving notice a month in advance would be much easier than a week.
  • Options for shareholders without families

3. Have you attended this season’s new Shareholder Hospitality Program?

4.6%    Yes
47.4%   No
48.0%   I don’t know what this is

4. The Shareholder Hospitality Program is a free hosting event available to current shareholders by reservation. The one-day event consists of a group of 8 to 20 shareholders hosted by a farm crew member and includes a guided farm tour, 2 meals with members of the crew, and the option to work with the crew in the afternoon. If you haven’t participated in this opportunity, please let us know why.

125 people responded to this question; selected responses are shown below.

  • I just didn’t have the time.  I think it’s a great idea and I hope to participate if you do it again next year
  • I was unaware of this program.
  • one day when life slows down will attend
  • I am a returning shareholder and have not been following the newsletter.  I am not plugged in yet
  • Absolutely loved our day in June! Would do again.
  • lack of time on my part
  • Busy busy busy, regret not having come, still want to get there
  • Oh, yeah I know what this is, it was full when I tried – if I recall correctly, it filled very quickly.
  • I don’t have a car, and while I love your organic produce, I’m not particularly interested in visiting farms. I’m a city person through and through!
  • I didn’t know about it.  Also we are very busy.  But then that is part of why we buy your vegetables!  This way, the vegetables “just appear” and we don’t have to shop.
  • My kids are under 14 and the days available for young families filled up too quickly.
  • Didn’t know a thing about it. This is awesome, I would LOVE to do this (vs. the open house)

5. How long have you been a shareholder?

31.2%   0-1 year
49.7%   2-5 years
8.1%    6-10 years
11.0%   11+ years

6. Have you ever visited the farm in any capacity? (Open House, Angelic Organics Learning Center tour or class, as part of the Shareholder Hospitality Program or to visit the Shareholder U-Pick Garden, etc.)

46.9%   Yes
53.1%   No

7. Your level of interest and motivation in getting out to the farm for a visit is:

24.0%   Very high. I love to visit the farm!
6.3%    Moderate. I’m more interested in getting the vegetables than visiting the farm.
54.3%   Moderate. I’d love to visit, it’s just not convenient for me.
0.6%    Low. I’ve been out to the farm before and am not interested in the events you plan.
3.4%    Low. I just want great vegetables.
11.4%   Other (please specify): (20 responses were collected. A few are shown here.)

  • I like to visit on an individual basis not as part of an organized group although I have taken several classes at the Learning Center.
  • High, but I’m concerned about the environmental impact of having so many shareholders drive from Chicago to the farm.
  • I am happy to visit, but I am more concerned in developing an interest in my sons who are now older…20 & 16.  they are harder to get out there.
  • I would love to visit the farm with my toddlers… just have to find a day that works for us and PLAN because it’s a trip…

8. If there were an overnight facility for shareholders at the farm where you could stay for a fee, would you consider using it?

10.3%   Would definitely use it
28.2%   Would strongly consider it
40.8%   Would maybe consider it
20.7%   Am not interested

9. Please use this space if you have other comments about farm visits and hospitality:

78 people responded to this question; selected responses are shown below.

  • We just started visiting the farm this year (one open house), and will definitely be coming more in future years, probably incorporating it into our homeschooling next spring and summer.
  • We love your produce.  It is what it is.  We have a limited amount of time.  We want to continue to be shareholders but cannot take part in the other opportunities you offer.
  • One of the things that has happened to us is that our schedule also fills very quickly and sometimes that weekend is already filled by the time you announce the date.  Announcing earlier would be helpful.
  • Great vegetables!  Thank you for all your hard work!
  • I go camping alot in WI. I have stopped by local farms to pick up fresh eggs and really would love to come to Angelic but alot of the programs on your calendar of events are pretty specific skills-training and i’m interested in more of a camping / meal / learn / chore / retreat / community building event.  I don’t have any kids.
  • I’ve always felt a welcoming attitude from the farm.  It’s not anything you are doing wrong.  Just distance & time constraints…and, life in 2000+++
  • I do love picking my vegetables up at the farm and visiting the u-pick garden.
  • You all do SO much for us in so many creative ways. I sincerely appreciate the heart you put in everything and hope you know that even if I don’t get out there- I think you are the greatest. I came out to pick up seedlings this year and had an awesome garden. Thank you! I will for sure be signing up for my box again, and now am learning to can! (Is putting food up a topic you can teach?)
  • Angelic Organics continues to do a marvelous job of providing great vegetables and fruits in a relatively convenient way for us city dwellers!  The effort to get out to the farm is more than we can manage happily.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication, season after season!
  • Love the video, love the vegetables, love the cookbook, love the website, keep up the good work.  Sorry haven’t visited.
  • In my fantasy land we could also ride horses at the farm…
  • There’s probably a host of information that’s in the emails that I end up skipping. I just have way too many emails to go through a day so that if I can’t get the general info out of an email in 5 seconds I will usually delete it. Consider me impatient, but I believe that most of your customers also face similar issue. Too much information too little time. … Less words and more images!
  • More things like the music night in the corn crib! Music, food movies. Maybe a bonfire  night!

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