Open House/Hospitality Survey Question #2

2. What suggestions do you have to make the Open House more appealing to shareholders?

~A way that shareholders can meet and visit with others that use the same pick-up site.
~I’d love to come but Saturdays are too busy for our family to attend — our kids are in sports that play or practice on saturday
~Make it closer to me and my schedule less busy
~Car pooling? Not sure.
~None, really.  I would love to come but I just have too many deadlines.
~Looks great. just need a date that works for us.
~Hmm . . . maybe have more of them? Not sure. It’s been hard to plan around our toddler’s nap schedule (we live more than an hour away) and our weekends are usually busy b/c we both work full time, but we would love to get out to the farm one of these days. I get the emails and think we should do it, but I think this year we had conflicts (visitors, business trip, etc.).
~We finally attended this year and had a wonderful time.  I wouldn’t change a thing!
~It starts too early in the morning.
~The events sounded great over the summer but always seemed to conflict with my schedule. I still would like to attend an event some time. perhaps this fall.
~it sounds super fun and I always want to go, but I work on the weekends :(
~It’s very appealing, but somehow the dates have not worked out for me!  Maybe if one was held on Columbus Day, when my kids don’t have school?  I want to bring the kids up there!
~keep activities moving for the kids. not too much waiting around for things. perhaps some organized games for kids.
~We just went for the first time.  We have been shareholders for many years.  Wish we had gone sooner.  I know we will try not to miss any in the future.  Maybe a chance to camp out the night before would have lured me up there sooner.
~Musical entertainment
~nothing – it is great!
~i’m not sure. most of the events I see are cheese making or kid-oriented. I’d love to do an over night camping but i think they were discontinued.
~Organize transportation from the Chicago area or help us organize share rides or arrange group pick-ups from the closest train station to the farm.  Some of us are very aware of our carbon footprints.
~Keep to the schedule. The last two years we have waited for a long time to start the hay ride. The ride ended up starting so late that our young children were too tired and hungry to enjoy it. I suggest the hay ride start at 11 or 11:30 and be followed immediately by lunch.
~More kid friendly activities.
~There was a puppet parade one year that was fantastic – bring that back!  Hands-on activities – for kids and adults.  Kids love the interaction with the animals.  Games – potato sack races?  Play area with natural items where kids can pretend to be farmers.  Worm bin for kids to touch worms gently.  Raffle to benefit the learning center with prizes being worm castings, honey etc.  Changing it a bit each year.  Games identifying vegetables and/or farm equipment/tools
~none – just haven’t made it due to schedule conflicts
~We don’t have a car which is why we don’t come. We have visited the farm for a tour though
~More dates
~Wee have a toddler, so starting a little bit earlier so we can leave around 2pm would be more appealing
~it sounds great.  we just didn’t put it on the calendar soon enough
~We have attended for 3 years now and have loved it each time.  The tractor hayrides are the best part.  Lunch is also the best part.  Visiting the animals is the best part too.  I’m sorry we didn’t have time to stay for the tour of the woods and the music.  I’m sure that was the best part for those who were able to stay.  Thanks for everything.
We usually come every year but this year we couldn’t make it.  We have loved it every time we have come.  My son would like to have more access to the equipment.  I know safety is an issue, but perhaps there could be a little tour/talk about the different pieces of farm machinery.
~I think it’s under-promoted (which I understand, because it comes at a crazy time for y’all). In fact, we missed this year (for the first time in a while) because I kept trying to find the date and couldn’t until the announcement came a week in advance.
~It was nice the last one we attended.
~Have a bus shuttle from Chicago.
~Not sure
~I would really like to attend.  Somehow, something else always seems to come up.
~I really want to attend, just have not done so but hope to in the future.
~Provide buses to bring us out.  Have snacks.
~Would love to attend but have had schedule conflicts.
~Have something closer to Chicago. It’s nice to have an open house, but it doesn’t make sense to have lots of cars driving up there.
~The location of the farm is such that there is pretty much nothing that can be done to attract those who don’t want to drive long distances and/or stay overnight.
~make at least one event on a sunday
~Make it easier to sign up. I’ve sent two or three emails requesting sign up, with no responses!
~If it would be possible to have more choice during the summer, then I could plan to visit an Open House.  The Hospitality Program might be a more more viable opportunity for me.  I am interested, but my food allergies might make even this difficult (no dairy, no gluten, no high glycemics)
~no potluck – I cannot lug chairs and food and walk any distance.  More frequent open houses to allow for smaller crowds
~We live in Elgin and it is just too far for us since it would take 1 hour to drive to the farm.  We just don’t have a weekend afternoon to spend because weekend time is tight.
~It is very appealing, just too far for me living North of Chicago with kids.
~I love it but it’s far so I have not gone for a number of years.
~We would love to attend, but our weeks and weekends are so busy once school starts.
~make them kid friendly and fun
~have a few of them each year
~They are very appealing
~start earlier in the morning — we were hoping to attend with our little boy (who would LOVE it!) but it was too tough to accommodate afternoon nap
~Hold 2 dates? Or announce it sooner in the year to get on our calendar?
~I don’t have any, for me it’s just the distance.  Maybe you could try to do an event in the city somehow
~Move the farm to chicago LOL!  Just kidding
~They are very appealing, it is just hard to make the trek out to the farm from Chicago.
~I don’t know.  I’ve been a shareholder for so long I’ve been to many open houses and my kids are all grown so I’ve no reason to introduce them to the farm.  I work three jobs seven days a week.  I don’t have the time!  Sorry.
~I loved it.  (Although the lecture in the field this last visit was long, not kid friendly and there was no shade.
~I could relocate my home closer to your farm.  I don’t think I know where/when open house is.  When I go to the website to look for events, I always end up on the Learning center page.  Maybe that is not the only place I should be looking?
~The farm is so far away from the city and not all shareholders have transportation to the farm. It would be great if for future day-long events you could facilitate a carpool from a central location in the city. Shareholders don’t have a forum for communication with one another, only with you at the farm, so if you could suggest the organization of group travel this would make it possible for those of us without cars to visit.
~More kid-focused activities.  We have been members for more than 10 years.  We are amazed to see so many young families.  Keep them engaged!
~Shuttle bus from Chicago
~just time management on our part 4 kids just have us running perhaps in the further
~It’s just that none of the open houses have ever worked out with our schedule.
~Having been a shareholder for years I don’t find the crowds appealing.  I far prefer volunteering on days when I am one of only a few people there.
~Perhaps have several smaller ones to increase the availability of dates. These might be themed?
~If possible, giving notice a month in advance would be much easier than a week. We would love to come see the farm some day, but most of us who share the box work on the weekends.
~Maybe link us up with each other to ride in together? Make the long drive shorter and save on gas $
Except we missed this year.  Sometimes the crew seem aloof/not so friendly….the warm fuzzy’s we get are from the other shareholders
~None — I love the open houses but my family and I struggle with our schedules and making time for the drive to get there. Also, as eco-conscious city dwellers, we don’t own a car, so a drive to the farm requires renting a car, which is a challenge for us.
~I don’t know because I have never been to one
~They sound amazing, but they’ve just fallen on the wrong weekends for us this year.
~Provide car-pool options for shareholders. Long drive…not green for each shareholder to drive solo.
~Vary the days to accommodate different schedules (maybe you already do this, not sure).
~Have a way to connect with other members to car pool.
~I work six days a week, usually including Saturday, so it’s difficult for me to get out of Chicago and to the farm most days.
Sunday or Monday!
~It’s quite far away, so it takes a big commitment to go.  Plus our children are older and not interested in going.
~It was very nice to come visit the farm this year. I can not think of anything to make the event better. The only reason we have only come every few years is because we live in Chicago and it is quite a drive out.
~We didn’t come this year because it seemed very family/children oriented and we don’t have kids.
~Options for shareholders without families

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