New to Angelic Organics CSA?

Angelic Organics is a community-supported agriculture farm, commonly known as a CSA. Families buy a “share” of the harvest and, in return, receive weekly deliveries during the growing season. Today, more than 1,400 families in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin get their fresh produce from Angelic Organics, making it one of the largest CSA farms in the country.

Whether you’re new to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or whether you’re looking to move to a different CSA farm, it’s a huge decision. We had a great year in 2012 despite the excessive heat & drought. You see, we’ve been growing vegetables since the 1990’s and we have the experience needed to consistently produce stellar boxes. Review some of our shareholder comments form 2012 below.

We would really like you to join Angelic Organics CSA in 2013. As a new member to our farm, please enjoy a $20 discount when you use coupon code 20by15 by May 15, 2013. (This great savings is not available on credit card orders.) We hope you’ll join us in 2013 as we enter our 23rd year!

Angelic Organics was voted Best CSA byMindful Metropolis‘ readers (pg 29, June 2010)

NEW IN 2013 –
new and creative ways to enjoy your CSA veggies

2013 shares will now include a custom menu planning service through our partnership with Local Thyme.  The menus will be designed to use every item in your box. Omnivore, vegetarian and gluten-free menu plans are all included.

We provide this service free-of-charge in 2013 to help our members enjoy all of their CSA produce.

A Shareholder Writes

The carrots in our box today are delicious I steamed them and they have such a great carrot flavor. I probably had them that way as a kid, but not in my adult life. Yum! And a big thank you for all your work. Carla

A Shareholder Writes

We’ve really enjoyed your veggies and the weekly newsletter – it was our first time doing a farm share and we liked the fun of expanding our comfort zone with new vegetables. Thanks for doing such a great job in this drought season! Fingers crossed for more rain next summer. Best, Katie

A Shareholder Writes

We are delighted with the quality and quantity of basil this year and celebrate the summer evenings with a fresh caprese salad and chilled white wine, served at dinner. We have enjoyed many plates of it this season and with the addition of flavorful tomatoes in the box, the caprese salad is heavenly! Happiness is.        Tina

A Shareholder Writes

I know this has been a really tough year to farm. The weather has been exceedingly hot AND the drought has heavily impacted yields. I just want you and the whole team to know that our box was incredible and I am impressed each week with the beautiful produce. I know your team is working really hard this year–and it definitely shows–despite the fact that the weather is working against you.

with gratitude,


Note from Farmer John

Rebekah, Thank you for noticing the work, the weather and the crops this season. We are very happy when our farm becomes lively in the hearts and minds of our shareholders. From all of us at Angelic Organics


Farmer John

Shareholders Write 

Dear Farm and Crew,

Thank you one and all for the stamina and fortitude to bring us wonderfully ripe, sweet, succulent, and just plain delicious food this incredibly hot and dry summer.  Also, a huge thanks to those of us who could see long term allowing us to support and fund the glorious irrigation system many years ago; without it our boxes would be very sparse. I do make weekly visits to the local farmer’s market and hear the struggles others are having; I am very pleased and proud to mention that we have been members of Angelic CSA for a very long time and how Angelic is getting along with the growing conditions this season. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Caring Shareholders,

Diane and Doug

Diane and Doug, Your warm acknowledgment sings the reciprocating spirit of Community Supported Agriculture, of belonging to a farm and the farm belonging to you. Much appreciated here at the farm. Farmer John

From a Shareholder:

Thank you for the wonderful box yesterday.  That melon is pure perfume, the beets, natures candy, and I’m looking forward to corn for dinner!  You all are the best. 

Weather & Water

Thunder and lightning teased us this last weekend, but we continue without rain. Our farm is a lush irrigated oasis surrounded by neighboring fields of wilting corn and soybeans. The winter wheat scattered about the vicinity is already harvested, the earliest I remember it ripening.

makeshift rain

makeshift rain

Farmer John Writes . . .
Greetings from Angelic Organics
Weather & Water
We continue without rain, which has little bearing on our irrigated crops; however our cover crops, which we seed for fertility, are parched. It’s quite an expense to irrigate the cover crops (half of the total land we farm is in cover crops), but it’s an even bigger expense to have them wilt and not have them contributing to the soil health of future years. Starting soon, we’ll be irrigating around the clock. That’s a 30 hp electric motor 160 ft down the well making our electric meter whirl.
Without our irrigation system, your boxes would be maybe half full this year.

To find out more about our share types, visit

Reminder, as a new member to our farm, please enjoy a 5% discount when you use coupon code 295 by March 9, 2013

Questions? Contact Shelly at or call weekday mornings at 815-389-2746

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