Home Delivery is now Available for the 2015 Season

Free Home Delivery, when you purchase a 2015 Vegetable and Fruit Share by Wednesday, March 25th!

Angelic Organics is introducing home delivery in the Chicagoland area with a very special offer: free home delivery if you purchase both a 2015 vegetable share and a fruit share. This service would normally cost $12 per delivery, but in our special introductory offer, we are providing the service for free. If you also sign up for an extended season vegetable and fruit share, you will receive those late-season home deliveries for free, too.



How Much Will I Save?

Savings are substantial. For instance, on a half vegetable share (every other week for 20 weeks) and a 10 week fruit share, you’ll save $120. On a full season vegetable share (every week for 20 weeks) and a 10 week fruit share, you’ll save $240.

When will my deliveries start?
Your deliveries will start in early June and end in late October. We also offer an Extended Season Share, which starts in late October or early November, and ends before Thanksgiving.

Who will be making these deliveries?
We are partnering with Chicago Messenger Service to make these deliveries. Chicago Messenger Service has been serving the Chicago area for more than 50 years.

Is home delivery available in my area?
Chicago Messenger Service delivers to most Illinois zip codes within 45 miles of Chicago. Check our zip code availability page to see if home delivery is available to you. Home delivery zip codes

How will the home delivery service work?
Your delivery will arrive between 9 am and 6 pm on the weekday you choose: Thursday or Friday. Sorry, you cannot specify an exact time of day when your delivery can arrive; it has to be able to arrive at any time between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. When your delivery arrives, you will be notified by email.

How will the Chicago Messenger Service know just how I want my delivery to be made?
When you sign up for your shares in our system, you will provide thorough instructions for how to make the delivery to your home or business. For example: Bring the delivery to the back door at … (your address). Ring doorbell 3 times. If no one answers, leave my delivery under the steps …

Can I receive my delivery on Saturday?
Sorry, home deliveries will not be offered on Saturday. They are only available on Thursday or Friday.

Can I get home delivery if I only order vegetables from Angelic Organics?
Yes, you can get home delivery with just your vegetable order. Your cost until Wednesday, March 25th will be $6 per delivery. Angelic Organics will match your $6 per delivery cost in order to subsidize the full $12 cost per delivery. It’s a much better deal if you order both vegetables and fruit, and then receive free home delivery.

We are excited!
Angelic Organics is always looking for ways to serve our shareholders better. We think the convenience of home delivery and the price—free, if you purchase both vegetables and fruit by the deadline—are a fantastic way to make the shareholder experience more special.

Sign up by Wednesday, March 25th

We have had much interest in home delivery and expect a big response to our free home delivery offer. We might not offer it again this season, so it’s best if you sign up now.

Learn More about Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

Click here for a condensed, mobile-friendly version of our CSA program.

Click here for a full explanation of our CSA program on your desktop or tablet.

Sign up for your CSA share at http://angelicorganicsfarm.csasignup.com

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  1. hi! I signed up for the 2015 half vegetable w/fruit season at the end of the 2014 season, so do I automatically get signed up for home delivery? Please let me know when you can… Thank you!


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